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G.C. Attfield

Dr G.C. Attfield, 1822-1923, was Imperial Surgeon for the Fremantle Convict Establishment 1857-1879 and Superintendent at Fremantle Lunatic Asylum. Attfield Street is named after him. A subdivision plan of Fremantle dated 1903 shows Attfield Street extending south to Lloyd Street and possibly on to Douro Road. Cutting completed mid 1930s (18 months) by prisoners from Fremantle Prison.

Dr. G. C. Attfield, then a young man, arrived in the colony in 1854 to take up a position of medical officer to the Imperial establishment at Fremantle. Those duties he filled until 1879. He was allowed a private practice and for a goodly part of that quarter of a century he was the only medical man in Fremantle, having under his care not only his private patients but the convicts, enrolled guard and warders and their families. After his retirement he returned to England and his death at Hove in Sussex occurred only about four years ago at the remarkable age of 101. Dr. Attfield married a daughter of Surveyor General Roe and his name was perpetuated by a Fremantle street being named after him. Hitchcock: 40.

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