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jenny archibaldJenny Archibald

Jenny Archibald is a geologist and a former mayor (1994-97) of Fremantle, and president (1990-91) of the Fremantle Society. At one time she lived with her family in Dalkeith House - which is one of the buildings which the Society claims to have saved. She was the CEO of Geothermal Power.

She was elected to Council representing East Ward in October 2017. She was the councillor for that ward 1990-94.

She was also the inaugural chair of the Fremantle Prison project after its decommissioning.

Jenny Archibald as Fremantle Mayor with PM Gough Whitlam at Fremantle Prison in 1994. On the right are Fremantle Society President Ralph Hoare and VP Ron Davidson. (Fremantle Herald photo)

While mayor, she was interviewed by the Fremantle Society and the report of the meeting was published in its newsletter in October 1994.

This was her 2017 election platform statment (from the FCC website):
Following my time as East Ward Councillor and Mayor of Fremantle, I spent 20 years in business development and capital raising as co-owner of two businesses. I have also held positions as the inaugural Chair of the Fremantle Prison Trust, Chair of the Rottnest Island Authority and Deputy Chair of the Fremantle Press, where I work part-time in administration. I live in East Ward and am a passionate member of the Booyeembara Park Committee. With skills in financial governance, local government and community engagement, I now have the time for, and am committed to, working for our community.
As a constructive and proactive member of our Council, my focus will be on sound financial management and best use of ratepayers’ funds, progressive planning, in collaboration with our community, to optimise Fremantle’s future, effective Council services including recycling and waste management, verge mowing, maintenance of parks, and community liaison and support. Postal Address: 9 Taylor St White Gum Valley 6162

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