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Antoine/Christian families

Edmond Antoine

Edmond Antoine was a Fremantle wool broker, Belgian consul, and President of the Alliance Française. He and his wife Alice Boivin had seven children, including the youngest daughter Yvonne who married Ron Christian.

George Christian

George Christian was a PE instructor in Ireland before migration to Perth. He had five children, including the youngest son Ron.

Ron Christian

Ron Christian, a distinguished serviceman, married Yvonne Antoine; they had five children: Julie, Jan, Bret, Rod and Greg.

Yvonne Antoine

Yvonne Antoine married Ron Christian; they had five children: Julie, Jan, Bret, Rod and Greg.

Bret Christian

Bret Christian is the Managing Editor of POST Newspapers which he founded with his then-wife Bettye in 1978. He is the author of two excellent books about the police investigation of serial killers.

Swan Wool Scouring Company was Edmond Antoine's business. It had large premises in North Fremantle.

The Bank of NSW building on the corner of High and Cliff Street, Fremantle, was owned by the company. Copies of the very first movie films shot in Australia were found in the cellar of the building in 1979 - having been stored there probably by Jean Antoine, Edmond's eldest son, who ran the business.

Georges Boivin, early Australian cinematographer, was the uncle of Alice Boivin who married Edmond Antoine. He probably gave the Sestier films to Jean Antoine.

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Many thanks to descendant Julie Dyson for the data.

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