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Harry Anstey

James Grave was a Melbourne man who, having followed his fortunes on the New Zealand goldfields in the 1870s, arrived in Perth as a thirty-year-old in 1878, married and fathered a large family, and throve as merchant. He became a close associate of Harry Anstey, the fortunate English new chum whose party found payable gold in the Yilgarn. Although they enjoyed mixed fortunes on the goldfields, Grave and Anstey did well as part of a syndicate that subdivided most of Bassendean. Anstey also took up property on the west side of Freshwater Bay—Anstey Street and Bindaring Parade commemorate him and his country estate—and he transferred the northern portion, adjoining the Perth-Fremantle Road, to Grave. In 1894 the latter set about building Perth’s finest resort hotel [the Osborne Hotel] on the commanding heights overlooking the river. Bolton & Gregory: 63.

Anstey purchased 100 acres of land in Bassendean, or West Guildford as it was then known, in 1897 and the land was divided into 237 lots for sale in 1898. (Heritage Council page for 93 North Road.)

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