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William Angwin

angwinWilliam Charles Angwin (8 May 1863 – 9 June 1944) was an Australian politician who was Deputy Premier of Western Australia 1924-27, and Agent-General for Western Australia in London 1927-33. Born in Cornwall, he worked as a carpenter and builder before moving to Australia. He was a founding member of the East Fremantle Municipal Council and a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly for the Labor Party from 1904 until 1927, representing the seats of East Fremantle and North-East Fremantle. Wikipedia.

east council 1925

WC Angwin with the other East Fremantle councillors in 1925. FHC photo #55-02.

Angwin St, which goes up the hill opposite the East Fremantle Post Office, was renamed for him (it was formerly Bellevue St).

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