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Princess May Park

princess may park plan

Princess May Park is named after Princess Mary of Teck. She visited Fremantle in 1901 as Duchess of Cornwall and York, and was in 1910 to become Queen Mary, consort of King George V. She is said to have been called May after the month of her birth. It was the Princess May Girls State School that was initially named after her. What is now the Park was the grounds of the 1855 Government School, aka the Fremantle Boys School, and those of the PMGS. The third building in the Park was the Household Management Centre of the PMGS; it has been Clancy's Fish Pub for some time. The Boys School was the home of the Film and Television Institute for many years; that has now moved to the Arts Precinct in Northbridge. What is currently planned for the building and the whole Park is currently available for discussion. The image above is from Facebook and shows that the planner thinks that the schools were the property of one boy and one girl respectively.

CircusWA, the WA Circus School, lost its tenure in the Phillimore St Customs House in 2017 and moved to a 'big-top' circus tent in Princess May Park for a planned two years, opening 14 May 2017. It is still there in 2020.

The site on which the tent stands was used as an outdoor cinema called Bohemia Outdoor Cinema. This was in association with the Film and Television Institute, which was at the time in the Fremantle Boys School building next door.

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