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Mayor's Park

This park is referred to in a letter to the editor by Philip Webster in 1885. Webster writes in part as follows:

But what says the rising generation of Fremantle : " We have nice streets and roads, 'Odd Fellows Hall,' 'Masonic Hall,' 'Literary Institute,' 'Grammar School' now rising on the top of Monument Hill, a 'lovely church,' and three Parks, 'The Peoples Park, ' Wrenfordsley Park' and the 'Mayors Park,' the latter although least, is the last, and only just finished, now awaiting the opening day that the Mayor's name may be engraven in Red, White and Blue, facing ' Adelaide Street,' ' Edward Street ' and ' Parry Street.' The first of June is not far distant when the good people of the port are longing to enjoy this gala day. (italics in original)

The Proclamation Tree in the Mayor's Park (Adelaide Street) was not planted until 1890. The Oddfellows Hall was opened in 1867, the Masonic Hall in 1877, the Literary Institute (the first one, in Cliff Street) in 1868, the Grammar School (top of High Street) in 1885, St John's Church (the second one in Kings Square) in 1882, Fremantle Park in 1879. The Marmion Memorial (the Celtic cross in the photo) was unveiled in 1902.

The mayor in 1885, when Webster wrote to the editor, was Barrington Wood, first mayor of the Municipality of Fremantle. So perhaps it was Wood's name he was looking forward to seeing in Red, White and Blue. However, Daniel Congdon took over the top job in 1886-88 and 1894, followed by Elias Solomon in 1889-91, 1896, and 1900, W.F. Samson in 1892, G.A. Davies in 1895, and James Clark in 1899, etc.

References and Links

The top photo (of unknown provenance) shows the Mayor's Park shortly after the unveiling of the Marmion Memorial when the Proclamation Tree was about ten years old.

The bottom image is from the Fremantle Herald, 17 July 2020.

West Australian, 11 May, 1885, p. 3.

ADB entry for William Marmion by R.T. Appleyard, 1986—another source of the name of the Mayor's Park.

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