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Parks and Reserves

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Other Parks

Baker Square is surrounded by Dianne, Ommanney, Weavell, and Mortlock Streets, Hamilton Hill.

Booyeembara Park is on the corner of Montreal and Stevens Streets.

Bushy Park was an early name for Fremantle Park, or at least the eastern part of it, where John Curtin school is now.

Chester Park. Became Hilton Park before 1930.

Davis Park, Beaconsfield, was named for George Davies and family; but due to a spelling mistake became 'Davis'.

Evan Davies Reserve, White Gum Valley.

J. Dolan Reserve, East Fremantle. John Dolan (1901-1986) was MLC (1963-1974) and a Cabinet Minister. He was also a teacher at Beaconsfield, Fremantle Boys School, Fremantle Boys High School and John Curtin High School. Named by East Fremantle Council in 1982.

Florence Park is in South Fremantle on the corner of Marine Terrace and what used to be Florence Street, which was named for Florence Jones. Florence married Alex Reid, after whom the Reid Library at UWA is named, and became Lady Florence.

Gilbert Fraser Oval, John Street, North Fremantle. Gilbert Fraser (1894-1958) was a Member of the Legislative Council of WA 1928-1958. He was also president of the North Fremantle Amateur Football Club 1932 -1941, 1946-1953. See also Gilbert Fraser Grandstand.

Frank Gibson Park, Forrest Street, Fremantle. Sir Frank Ernest Gibson (1878-1965) was a pharmacist and Mayor of Fremantle 1920-23, 1927-29, 1929-1951. Originally Cornwall Street, it was changed in 1922-23. Aka Gibson Park.

Glasson Park, cnr Glyde and George Streets East Fremantle, named after a council health inspector.

Hilton Park, now Hilton, was once called Chester Park. The boundaries of Hilton Park were defined in 1955, and the word 'Park' removed in 1959.

Hollis Park, off Keeling Way and Hickory Street, South Fremantle. Named for Frederick Hollis. Used as a dumping site from the 1920s/30s to 1959.

Bruce Lee Reserve, South Street between Lewington and Caesar Streets.

Horrie Long Reserve was formerly known as the Holland St Reserve, but changed 1971. Long was a Councillor 1948-74.

Masons Gardens, Nedlands. Named after Frederick Mason.

Memorial Park, Monument Hill - formerly Obelisk Hill.

James Moore Pioneer Park, Hampton & Lefroy Rds, Beaconsfield. James G. Moore was headmaster of Beaconsfield School, 1934-1940.

Mulberry Gardens, South Street, Fremantle, is now represented by Davis Park, which is a tiny part of what was a farm. Established in the 1860s, it consisted of 2-3 acres of H.M. Lefroy’s vineyard and orchard. For more on the history of the area, see Davies Street.

Virginia Ryan Park, off Watkins Street, Fremantle. Named in 1992 to commemorate the efforts of Virginia Ryan (-1992) as a local resident and community worker.

John Tonkin Reserve, East Fremantle. John Trezise Tonkin AC (1902-1995) was MLA for North-East Fremantle, 1933-1950 and Premier of WA 1971-1974. Named by East Fremantle Council in 1982.

Parmelia Park is adjacent to Parmelia St, both named after the ship (after 1948) as is the Parmelia Bank. Parmelia St was known as Attfield Lane in 1934-1935, changed 1935/1936.

Ulrich Park was named for East Fremantle Mayor Vic Ulrich, 1964-74.

Virginia Ryan Park, off Watkins St, Fremantle. Named in 1992 to commemorate the efforts of Virginia Ryan (-1992) as a local resident and community worker.

Wauhop Park. Like the adjacent Street, named for William Wauhop, who was Mayor of East Fremantle 1944-1964.

Wilson Park, South Fremantle. J.E. Wilson was a Town Councillor, 1921-1935.

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