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Davis Park

The Fremantle Library page for street names reveals that the park was named for the Davies family, and that 'Davis' is a typo that has stuck.

Colonial settlement of the area dates from the 1860s. The land bounded by South Street, Caesar Street, Lefroy Road and Fifth Avenue was developed by Henry Maxwell Lefroy as a vineyard and orchard, known as 'Mulberry Farm'. The western portion of the estate was used for dairying purposes by identities such as Lane, Fletcher, Wade and Caesar.
During the 1940s Mulberry Farm was resumed by the State Housing Commission and 145 weatherboard and iron houses were built with timber imported from Denmark to house migrant building tradesman who were brought to the state to boost the Perth workforce.
Between 1978 and 1981 the old houses were demolished and the estate was redeveloped by the State Housing Commission to construct the houses that are there today. (Fremantle Library Local History collection)

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Note that there is a Davies Reserve in White Gum Valley, but it is named for Evan Davies.

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