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The Jam Tarts

The Jam Tarts were a band based in Fremantle 1981-1991.

Jody Bell, Lucy Lemann, Anna Gare, Sophie Gare [Elton], early 1980s

The Jam Tarts at the Fremantle Arts Centre, 1982 or 1983: Jody Bell, Sophie Gare [Elton], Lucy Lemann, Anna Gare

The Jam Tarts in performance in 1986, photo thanks to Brent Sumner and Fremantle Library Local History collection photo #LH005415.

The Jam Tarts with the Nansing Quartet (a six-piece band).
Tarts: Anna Gare on the ladder, Jody Bell seated right, Sophie Gare (Elton) and Lucy Lemann on the floor.
The men may be, from left, Peter 'Biff' Vincent, Brian Fitzgerald, tba (Peter Bell or Neale Austin?), Sam Lemann (floor), Adam Gare (top), Lucky Oceans (seated), and Ron Fleckner.

The photos that follow are all from the Jam Tarts Facebook page.

El Caballo Blanco





References and Links

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Wikipedia page for Anna Gare.

The Pursuit of Happiness, feature film dir. Martha Ansara, 1988, starring Anna Gare; the Jam Tarts make an appearance also, performing parts of two songs at the Seaview.

Recordings tracklists


The Seaview, 1982, vimeo (from John Reed)

So What c. 1985, youtube.

Clancys, 2012, youtube.

Road Trip with Nansing and the Jam Tarts, vimeo

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