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There is no Fremantle Museum. There was one in the Fremantle Arts Centre, but it was closed when the (state) Maritime Museum opened on the South Wharf.

Apparently the first museum in Western Australia was in Fremantle, but I have yet to find out where and when.

Western Australian Museum - Shipwreck Galleries

This is in the 1853 Commissariat building, itself a historic building of great importance.

Western Australian Maritime Museum

This is a 2002 building on the westernmost end of Victoria Quay, the southern wharf of Fremantle Harbour.

Army Museum of Western Australia, Artillery Barracks, Burt St, under Cantonment Hill

For the glorification of war. It should be converted to something useful.

Fremantle Arts Centre

This building used to house the Maritime Museum before it moved to its two new homes. There was also a Fremantle Museum here: unknown to me where that collection went.

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