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Woodbridge Hotel

50 East Street Guildford

The centre of the civic life was at the east end of the town, outside the townsite, at Woodbridge, where was situated Jones’s Inn. The exact location of this inn I have not been able to decide definitely. A succession of partnerships among the families of Jones and Jecks kept hostelries under the names of Jones’s, Jones’s Inn, Woodbridge and the Guildford Hotel. The Guildford Hotel, which was kept by Jonathan Jones about 1840, stood in the Woodbridge Estate, on a site about three hundred yards east of the present East Guildford railway station. The ground on which it stood has since been cut away for a brick yard, but the stump of an old fig tree, which may be seen from the train, on the right hand side of the line, travelling eastwards, marks the site of the old establishment. It is not definite whether this was the same inn that was known by the names of Jones’s and of Woodbridge at an earlier date, the inn which was first established by Walter Jones, at which the Agricultural Society held its meetings for many years, where stock sales were held, licensing courts were conducted and where nearly everything of importance in the town took place. Hasluck 1927: 7.


The land on which this historic hotel stands was first [?] purchased by Christina Ann Ferguson on 25 September 1883.
In 1902 the hotel was developed by Sydney born architect E.E. Giles who lived locally on East Street.
The hotel's first licensee was Alfred J. Enright 1902-1923, the longest serving Licensee. (Hotel website)



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