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Robert Collins received a licence for what he called Collins' Hotel, but after the first year it was heard of no more, at least under that name. ... Meanwhile, in Fremantle [by 1834?], of the four original 1830 licences, Robert Collins' hotel had disappeared in name ... Tuckfield: 67, 77.

According to Allen Graham, the Collins Hotel became the Waterman's Arms, and was on Lot 41 - roughly 12 Mouat Street. Tuckfield has the Waterman's Arms on lot 56, where Lodge's Castle Hotel later was—but he (Tuckfield) doesn't know where Collins' Hotel was.

In September 1835 another advertisement stated 'For sale or let, the Waterman's Arms—apply W. H. Edwards (William Hugh) who is about to leave the country.' I don't know how he got into the act because he was listed as the Government boat-builder who, about this time, was applying to be repatriated to England because of ill-health. The sale apparently didn't eventuate because, in 1842, it was announced that a supper and ball was to be held at the Waterman's Arms (W. Heard). And in 1844 it was announced: 'For sale, Waterman's Arms—tap room, bar room, parlour, bed-rooms, good stabling, outhouses, kitchen, well with pump attached—Wm. Heard on the premises.'
I have never proved who owned this place but it was on lot 56 and William Heard had been granted crown lots 55 and 56 earlier so it seems as if the hotel belonged to Heard. Lot 55 was on the corner of Phillimore and Henry Streets, while 56 (next door) was in Henry Street. Tuckfield: 99-100.

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