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Terminus Hotel

18 Pakenham St, 1887 (1897?)


The Pearlers Hotel was built in 1887 at 18 Pakenham St, on the corner with Leake St. It was called the Terminus Hotel from around 1896 when the Swan Brewery acquired it, and certainly from 1905. For a period, it was Terminus Chambers. Homeswest bought it in 1989.

John P. Beresford in 1908 was the manager of the Esplanade Hotel at the time that he shot himself at the age of 55. He had been suffering from 'dropsy and insomnia'. He had earlier been licensee of the Pearlers (later the Terminus) and Star hotels. He was interred at Anglican AA1165.

In 1901 the Terminus Hotel was the property of the mad Mayor, Edward Davies, who sold it in that year.

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Heritage Council entry: it's relatively short. It is not explicit that the existing building is entirely the 1887 construction: if so, why does it have the Terminus name in the pediment? The Terminus Hotel was designed by Herbert Eales, who did not arrive in Fremantle until 1897, so I suspect that the Pearlers Hotel was a different building from this one.

Joseph Herbert Eales entry at

photos thanks to mingor

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