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Star Hotel

5 Essex St, 1887


The Star Hotel, with the second-storey verandah, is in the background in this 1918 photograph of Essex St taken from the verandah of the Freemasons Hotel (Sail & Anchor). This is Fremantle Library photo #770B, with this title and caption.

First naval procession in Fremantle
Looking down Essex Street from the balcony of the Freemason's [sic] Hotel on 6 December 1918. On the right is Barrett's wood yard. On the left are Mills & Co., merchants and F. Instone & Co. Ltd., in a building constructed in 1906 by C. Moore to a design by J.F. Allen. In the background are the Port Flour Mill and the Star Hotel.


The Star Hotel, with the second-storey verandah with the advertisement for Swan Lager, is behind the horse in this c.1925 photograph taken in Essex St. This is Fremantle History Centre's photo #493C and comes with this caption.

Mr Alf Chate in Essex Street driving a horse and lorry from Port Mill, (then occupied by Henry Jones, IXL Jam Manufacturers and Foden and Bokenham, Motor Trimmers and Vulcanizers.) The horse was called "Old Bill" (Source: son of Mr Chate 7.08.1991). Note horse's feed bag and motor cars. The Port Flour Mill was built before 1870 and is classified by the National Trust. The land and property was originally owned by Anthony Cornish. He sold by auction on 16.07.1884. Note also the Star Hotel (Lot 1821/2); delicensed in 1924 and used as a boarding house.


The Pirates Backpackers is at now 11 Essex St. The Star Hotel was at 5 Essex St. It was built in 1887, rebuilt in 1914, and demolished in 1980. After losing its license in 1924 it was a boarding house. (Heritage Council) Photo thanks to I don't know if the building in the image is what's left of the Star Hotel. It seems to be at about the right distance from the flour mill building, which still exists. I hope to find this out before I die.

John Beresford is cited in this blog as being the licensee. At the time of his death, by shooting suicide, in 1908, he was the proprietor and licensee of the Esplanade Hotel.

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