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Stanley Hotel

aka Stanley Beer House, Bannister St, on the site of the present Hougoumont Hotel; it was the Duke of York Hotel, Italian Club, and (second) Fremantle Club in between.

Western Mail:
The application of John Charles Brice for a renewal of the wine and beer license held by him for the Stanley Hotel, in Bannister-street, was also opposed by Inspector Back, on the ground that the hotel was not a fit house for a license. Constable Jones stated that the hotel was very badly conducted, being the resort of thieves, prostitutes, and blackguards. Sunday trading was carried on very extensively, but owing to the systematic manner in which it was done, it was impossible to detect it. Constable Corry also gave the hotel a bad name, but both he and Inspector Back spoke highly of the respectability of Mr. Brice himself. Mr. Moss, who appeared for the applicant, denied that Sunday trading other than supplying the wants of the boarders was carried on. Counsel commented severely on what he termed the "vicious and biassed evidence" of Constable Jones. If the statements made by this witness were true, counsel considered it a scandalous disgrace to the police force that no arrest had ever been made at the hotel in question and no charge had ever been laid against the landlord. The Bench decided to give the applicant another chance, but Mr. Fairbairn remarked that if there were any objections raised next year he would not get off so lightly. The renewal was granted. Western Mail, Friday 10 December 1897, p. 51.

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Western Mail, Friday 10 December 1897, p. 51.

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