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Rose & Crown Guildford

Claims to be oldest hotel still operating in WA, since 1841. The Albany Hotel claims to have been established in 1835, and to be the oldest such.

A fourth inn—the Rose and Crown—was opened by Thomas Jecks in July, 1841. It stood on the same site in Swan-street as the building which was known as the Rose and Crown until its delicensing last year [1926]. Thomas Jecks had previously been associated with the Jones family at Woodbridge. Besides being one of the earliest inn-keepers he opened one of the first stores in the town. Hasluck 1927: 8.

The Rose and Crown in 1974

By the beginning of the second decade of white settlement, the pattern of land usage at West Guildford was becoming more clearly defined. Few of the landowners lived on their properties, preferring io lease or rent them out if they were relatively large farms such as the Bassendean and Burner estates, or keeping them as investment blocks if they were the smaller villa or town lots. Even the Cleikum Inn was run by lessees (Smithers took it over in 1840) and had started to lose its position as the foremost hostelry in the township. The inn’s decline became further advanced after the Agricultural Society transferred its meetings to William Devenish’s inn in James Street Guildford in 1840 and Jecks built up the popular Rose and Crown hotel. Carter 1986: 49.

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