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Plympton Hotel

The Plympton Hotel (1898) at 59 Canning Highway on the corner of Hubble Street in the Plympton ward of the Town of East Fremantle is now called the Tradewinds Hotel. There were major additions recently at the time the name was changed. It is currently owned by the Prendiville Group, which also owns the Norfolk (Oddfellows) and Pier 21.


This is how the hotel looks now - with the older part on the right:


Plympton is the southwest ward of the Town of East Fremantle, containing the Town Hall (1899) and former (originally Plympton) Post Office (1898). It was earliest area of development in East Fremantle: the Plympton Hotel was the venue for the first meeting of the East Fremantle Town Council on 14 August 1897.


The hotel was once known as Jack Sheedy's Plympton Hotel, when the publican was Jack Sheedy, the former well-known footballer and coach.



The building next door to the hotel, on the corner of Sewell St and Canning Highway may be Pearse's Hall. It is currently a liquor store in the Cellarbrations chain. I hope someone will be able to confirm this one day. It is now a remarkably unattractive building. I wonder what it looked like when it was newly built. We'll probably never know.


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Top two photos supplied by Tradewinds Hotel manager Stephen Wicks: many thanks!

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Tradewinds Hotel website

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