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Phoenix Brewery

The Phoenix Brewery (not a hotel) operated 1902-04 at Riverside Road, Richmond (now East Fremantle), unknown by whom.


Photo from SLWA #006700P, c1902-4 (detail). The sign on the building identifies it as Phoenix Brewery. It is usually called the Castlemaine Brewery in photographic captions, because it operated as the Phoenix for such a short time (1902-04) before being taken over in 1906 by the owners of the Castlemaine Brewery (Gracie and Walkley), and so acquiring that name. The original Castlemaine Brewery, a wooden building from 1896, is in the uncropped photo, a short distance away to the right (west). SLWA's text points out that 'Smoke comes from the Phoenix Brewery indicating it is still working. This Brewery worked between 1902-1904.' The photograph, from the Passey Collection, is beautifully reproduced in John Dowson, Old Fremantle: 57.
(Note that there is a sign on a post in the foreground of the photo - near the left edge - obscuring part of the facade of the building.)

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