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Fremantle Hotel (&c.) Licensees 1894

West Australian, Tuesday 6 March 1894: 3.



(Before Mr. R. Fairbairn, B.M., and Messrs. L. W. Clifton, and Jos. Lilly, J.s'P.)

The following applications were heard :-

PUBLICANS' GENERAL LICENSE.-Wm. Jas. Davey, Beaconsfield Hotel. Granted.

Annie McCarthy, wine and beer license. Mr. Moss appeared for the applicant and Mr. Lovegrove opposed the application on behalf of E. Tonkin, of the Welsh Harp Hotel.

The applicant stated that she required a wine and beer license for the convenience of her boarders. She occupied the premises at the corner of Market and Nairn streets. The premises contained 10 rooms. She had 17 boarders at the present time. She had kept a boarding-house at Geraldton for 18 years, and for five years had managed Mr. Maguire's licensed premises in that town.

Sub-Inspector McKenna stated that he had no objection to make to the granting of the license. The premises were suitable, and the applicant was a fit and proper person.

The Bench did not consider the license necessary, and refused the application.

Alfred Alma Dixon, transfer of hotel license, Stanley Hotel, Bannister-street. Granted.

Joseph Butson, wine and beer license, Brucetown, North Fremantle. Sub-Inspector McKenna objected to the license being granted on the ground that the required accommodation was not provided. The bench refused the application.

Carl Müller, eating-house license. Packenham-street, Fremantle. Sub-Inspector McKenna had no objection to the license being granted, as the occupants of the premises were an improvement upon their predecessor, but he reminded the Court that the applicant had three convictions recorded against him in Perth and Fremantle for sly grog selling. As those convictions had in each case been treated as first offences the applicant was allowed another chance, and his application was granted.

Richard Sawle, boarding, lodging, and eating house license, William-street. Granted.

Frank A. Campbell, boarding, lodging, and eating house license, Bannister-street. Granted.

Margaret Lynum, boarding, lodging, and eating house license, Packenham-Street. Granted. This concluded the business.

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