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The Left Bank

15 Riverside Road East Fremantle, aka Carroll's house, Driver House, the Boatbuilder's house

left bank

The land here was originally owned by John Morgan Ley in 1896. Fanny Carroll, wife of Thomas Henry Carroll, a boatbuilder, bought the property in 1898. The Carrolls operated a boatbuilding yard next door to the house, which was built about 1900 by Thomas William Whitely. Another boatbuilder, Alan Henry Sargent, purchased the property in the late 1970s.


This house, variously known as Carroll's house, Driver House, and the Boatbuilder's house (Carroll was the boatbuilder), was in disrepair from about the 1970s. Clough restored it, and called it The Left Bank. It's a 'bar and cafe', popular with younger people on sunny Sunday afternoons.


Thomas Henry Carroll married Fanny Jessop (1865-) in Guildford on 31.08.1889. He was a boatbuilder and from 1894 to 1897 his business was at Beach Street. About 1900 he built a house at 15 Riverside Road and established his boat building yard next door. The Left Bank Cafe is on this site. FHC.

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FHC caption to photo #302.

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Thomas William Whiteley built the house >

Top photo mine; second source unknown; third courtesy FHC, #E000320; fourth (of Whiteley) from a Left Bank wall.

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