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Fremantle History Society was established 12 October 1994, with Dianne Davidson (d. 13 October 2021) as president (1994-7), and has a website, a Facebook page, and these aims. The current president is Allen Graham. Here are committees present and past.

2022 President Allen Graham with Pam Harris and Alan Kelsall at a History Council of WA event 25 October at which the Society received an award for its "significant contribution to the understanding or impact of, or advocacy for, local history in Western Australia".

Fremantle Studies is the FHS journal, published every two years or so. I've written a simple subject index.

Fremantle Studies Day is held annually by the History Society. The event produces papers that are published in the journal.

Newsletters are published four times a year, and are all available here. There is an incomplete index (1994-2004).

Professor Bob Reece, who was in the chair for the very first meeting of the Society, in 1994, with Judith Robison, the 2022 Secretary.

References and links

Bernadette Flynn published an article about the Society in the October number of the Newsletter of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies.

Reece, Bob 2017, 'The Fremantle History Society, 1994-2014', Fremantle Studies, 9: 79-87.

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