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Convict Hiring Depots

After the establishment of transportation to provide a labour force for the struggling Swan River colony, it was necessary to provide accommodation for the convicts and associated infrastructure (guards, for example) near to where they could be set to public works, and where ticket-of-leave men (convict whose sentences had expired) were closer to where they could be hired: in Convict Hiring Depots, or Outstations. The one closest to Perth was on the riverside just to the west of Mount Eliza and is usually called the Mt Eliza Depot. There was one at North Fremantle (where the first North Fremantle Primary School was later built), one at Freshwater Bay, and another in central Guildford. Country stations were at Albany, Bunbury, Toodyay, York, Lynton (Port Gregory), and Champion Bay (Geraldton).

Before the Mt Eliza depot buildings were constructed to James Manning's design from 1852, the convicts there were accommodated - after its failure - in the former steam mill built by John Schoales and George Nash.

Said depot was established in 1851, downgraded in 1856, and closed in 1872, after which it became an old men's home, until that function was transferred in 1906 to a building in Claremont - which is now the former Sunset Hospital in Dalkeith.

References and Links

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WA Heritage Council has a page for the Mt Eliza Convict Depot site - but there is no data on it.

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