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Fremantle South Ward

There are six wards in the local government area called the 'City' of Fremantle.
South Ward corresponds closely with South Fremantle suburb, being bounded by the ocean, South Street to the north, and 'Fremantle Village' trailer park to the south, but whereas the suburb only extends east to Cockburn/Hampton Roads, the ward also includes a big chunk of Beaconsfield suburb, from Scott Street northwards, over as far as Caesar Street, and so including much of the former Lefroy/Curedale/Davies farm - but not the (former?) 'Beacy Bronx', including Davis [Davies] Park.

Councillors currently representing South Ward are Andrew Sullivan (1992-98, 2009-2021) and Marija Vujcic (2019-2023).

Candidates in the 2021 election are Steven Pynt, Jennifer Suffling, and Andrew Sullivan (2009-2021) who from mid-2021 is acting as Mayor until the election. Marija Vujcic is also a mayoral candidate. If she were successful, that would require a by-election in this ward.

I don't have an official nor complete list to work from, but I can mention for your interest some councillors who have represented this ward previously. I'm assuming the year stated indicates the period January-October, as elections are usually held in the latter month, close to the end of the calendar year. This list may contain errors and does contain omissions.

2021: Andrew Sullivan, Marija Vujcic
2020: Andrew Sullivan, Marija Vujcic
2018: Andrew Sullivan, Jon Strachan
2017: Andrew Sullivan, Jon Strachan
2016: Andrew Sullivan, Jon Strachan
2015: Andrew Sullivan, Jon Strachan
2007: Jon Strachan, Georgie Adeane
2006: Jon Strachan, Geoff Graham
2005: Jon Strachan, Geoff Graham
2001: Bruce Campbell, Helen Hewitt
2000: Bruce Campbell, Geoffrey Graham
1999: Bruce Campbell, Geoffrey Graham
1998: Leonie Deegan, Geoffrey Graham
1997: Leonie Deegan, Helen Ayres, Geoffrey Graham
1996: Len Poole/Leonie Deegan, Helen Ayres, Joe Franchina
1995: Len Poole/Helen Ayres, Susan Bennett-Ng/Leonie Deegan, Joe Franchina
1994: Len Poole, Susan Bennett-Ng/Helen Ayers, Joe Franchina
1993: Len Poole (Deputy Mayor), Susan Bennett-Ng, Joe Franchina
1992: Len Poole, Susan Bennett-Ng, Joe Franchina
1990: LS Poole, PG Laskaris, JR Hutchison
1989: RE Belben, PG Laskaris, JR Hutchison
1988: RE Belben, JA Minervini, JR Hutchison
1987: RE Belben, JA Minervini, JR Hutchison
1986: JR Troy, JA Minervini, JR Hutchison
1985: JR Troy, JA Minervini, JR Hutchison
1983: JR Troy, JA Minervini, NR Marlborough
1982: JR Troy, JA Minervini, NR Marlborough

References and Links

My list of councillors from which the above data are abstracted.

My version of the results of the last two elections, 2017 and 2015.

Suburb of South Fremantle.

FCC website, including an A2-size ward map from which the above map is taken.

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