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Mayors of the City of Fremantle

Fremantle became a City in the Centenary year 1929. This is the list of mayors since then. There were mayors of the Municipality of Fremantle from 1883, the first being Barrington Wood.

gibsonFrank Gibson, 1929-1951

samsonSir Frederick Samson, 1951-1972

mckenzieWA (Bill) McKenzie, 1972-1984 (with Sir Fred)

John Cattalini, 1984-1994 (with Sir Charles Court)

archibaldJenny Archibald, 1994-1997

Richard Utting, 1997-2001

Peter Tagliaferri, 2001-2009

Brad Pettitt, 2009-2021

Hannah Fitzhardinge 2021-

Three mayors: Brad Pettitt, Richard Utting, Jenny Archibald. Richard is signing a copy of his autobiography, Out of Sight: Reflections on an Accidental Life.

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