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FCC Elections 2017

Fremantle City Council, October 2017 (above)
From left: Dave Hume, Hannah Fitzhardinge, Bryn Jones, Rachel Pemberton, Sam Wainwright, Ingrid Waltham, Andrew Sullivan, Brad Pettitt (Mayor), Jon Strachan, Jenny Archibald, Adin Lang, Doug Thompson, Jeff McDonald

Elections 21 October 2017 returned this mayor and these six councillors:

Brad Pettitt (mayor); Hannah Fitzhardinge (Beaconsfield), Adin Lang (City), Jenny Archibald (East), Sam Wainwright (Hilton), Doug Thompson (North), Andrew Sullivan (South).

Official results.

The turnout rate was 47.27%.
Pettitt beat Stewart 5775 to 4770.

Candidates, with winner in italics, in alpha order, and with actual votes—
Mayor: Pettitt (5775), Stewart (4770)
Beaconsfield: Camarda (710) Fitzhardinge (1013)
City: Green (464), Lang (562), Loopers (218), Morgan (153), Wayman (494)
East: Archibald (1164), Cunningham (428)
Hilton: Hammond (653), Wainwright (818)
North: Corbo (452), Thompson (1230)
South: Carter (598), Moodie (268), Suffling (23), Sullivan (655), Vujcic (517)

Councillors not up for election in 2017—Beaconsfield: Dave Hume; East: Ingrid Waltham; Hilton: Jeff McDonald; South: Jon Strachan.

wardmapSee below for the candidates' statements by ward and alpha order: Beaconsfield, City, East, Hilton, North, South.
Click on ward map for larger size >
See also below: the Herald's summary of the field.



pettitt Incumbent Brad Pettitt is standing for a third term.

It is an honour to lead Fremantle’s collaborative council, united in its passion to create a positive future for our city. Together, we’ve made Fremantle more vibrant, sustainable and liveable – a city of which we can be proud! Thanks to all the hard work of the last eight years, Fremantle has begun an unprecedented period of renewal and activation. Never has continuity and credible leadership been more vital. I love Fremantle, I’m committed to our community, and I hope you will place your trust in my experience, my integrity and my values to continue to serve as your Mayor. Some of the ways we’ve delivered for ratepayers: improved public spaces; dedicated community safety team; more arts, culture and festivals; sound financial governance; better community consultation; restoration of our city’s heritage buildings; more affordable, sustainable and diverse housing options; proactive environmental leadership; the foundations for increased investment and economic renewal. Mobile: 0447 732 017. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

stewart Caroline (Ra) Stewart, Chamber of Commerce, the other mayoral candidate

I fell in love with Fremantle in my teens, and have spent 20+ years working, living and raising my two daughters here. I have a commercial and small business background, am an AICD graduate and board member of both Fremantle Chamber (serving 2 terms as President) and State Government's SBDC. I currently manage corporate and community partnerships with the Flying Doctor.
As a community-minded individual, I have participated in fundraising for WGV Primary P&C, St Pat's and WA Ballet, planting days, and the Future Freo project.
My vision is to restore Fremantle to a safe, vibrant and diverse city through responsible financial management, community engagement and balanced representation.
My priorities are to determine the true state of the City’s finances, formulate a plan to ensure Council’s sustainability, and focus on local government issues.
As an independent candidate, I believe in creating a Freo for All, rather than Freo for a select few.
Postal Address: 23 Bellevue Terrace Fremantle 6160
Social Network Address: @RAforMAYOR @freo4all [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

Wards and candidates in alpha order


camarda Fedele Camarda

Beaconsfield is about to enter a long period of change as proposed by Fremantle Council's Heart of Beaconsfield Project. It has never been more important to have genuine representation from a Beaconsfield local.
Having grown up in the Fremantle area, I have lived in Beaconsfield with my wife and 3 children for the past 16 years. I'm a family man who believes children are our future. Improved recreational facilities and greater support for our clubs is vital. It is also important that essential services such as rubbish collection, parking and verge mowing are maintained.
A range of experiences as a primary school teacher, local fisherman, a member and coach of local sporting clubs, and sitting on various boards and committees, have provided me with the relevant skills to bring about positive change through genuine consultation. If elected to the Beaconsfield ward, I will put the local back in local government.
Mobile: 0429 041 578
Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

fitz Cr Hannah Fitzhardinge

In the one year since you elected me to be your council representative, I have made progress on a number of issues you told me were important. These include funding for pedestrian safety and beautification of the Hilton Town Centre; ensuring proper community consultation in the Heart of Beaconsfield masterplanning process; the reinstatement of verge mowing (and planted verges); traffic calming; support for local businesses and improved maintenance for sporting grounds. I’ve enjoyed working with the local community, fellow elected members, and council administration to find solutions and make improvements. But the job isn’t done yet! Securing positive and sensible progress in Beaconsfield and Hilton requires understanding and leadership. My experience as a Councillor, professional facilitator, and businessperson equip me to continue being a strong advocate for our suburbs. I believe in listening, being positive, and finding win-win solutions and I am passionate about the future of Freo! Mobile: 0410 464 491 Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

City Ward

Simon Naber is the retiring candidate.
Mike Finn, businessman, expressed interest, but withdrew.

green Claudia Green, educationist, was first to announce her candidacy. She was an unsuccessful candidate in 2015. She will receive the support of the Fremantle Society.

Fremantle Matters. Do you want visible community representation not compromised by sectional interests? I am independent of affiliations; I have been selected by my local community. I have lived in City Ward for 25 years, and Fremantle for 40 years. Do you want to be consulted over major changes to amenity and lifestyle? Are you concerned about rates, the sale of major assets, debt and Fremantle being named a "high risk" by the Department of Local Government? Qualifications in Industrial Relations, Education and Law and working in the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Department of Education, provide a sound understanding in financial, due diligence issues and public sector governance to act responsibly as your elected councillor. I have a background in local government activism, and as Chair of the Fremantle Resident and Ratepayers' Association, and FICRA, so I have a sound practice in procedures and standing orders. Mobile: 0416 338 769. Email: Social Network Address: Facebook Claudia for City [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

lang Adin Lang

Hands-on. Energetic. Results Driven. 2016 Fremantle Citizen of the Year. City Ward deserves a tireless champion who can carry out fresh ideas and trigger growth; maintain the city’s vibrant history and heritage; and make our surrounding suburbs safe and affordable places to live for the youth, families and elderly. I’m a successful small business owner who will continue to encourage visitors to our city, create programs to promote local businesses, and push for a surge in trading days. I’ll also push for additional recreational and sports facilities to keep our residents healthy and active. I know how to get businesses, council leaders, and constituents to the table to fund and implement local programs. I have proven this with such events as ‘’Freo 1960’’, attracting 10,000 visitors to the CBD, city-wide community revegetation programs and initiatives to increase our rate base. I’ll work for a more prosperous, safe, and beautiful Fremantle. Mobile: 0438 908 829. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

loopers Roel Loopers had declared he would definitely not run again, having failed to get elected in Beaconsfield in 2015, but has changed his mind.

Fremantle is in a positive transition period, and the unprecedented development means we need to protect the lifestyle and amenity of city residents and uncompromisingly protect our heritage West End. I communicate with residents and business owners every day, as I walk the city streets. I notice the things that are wrong and report them on my Freo's View blog. I get things done. We have to do the small things better, and get the balance and priorities right, and demand better quality architecture. Our traders deserve more support and we need to make Freo a seven day a week destination. I attend most council and committee meetings and have a thorough understanding of local government process. I have lived here for 25 years and had a small business for 30 years. My focus is on creating a fine future for Fremantle as a full-time councillor. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

morgan Julie Morgan

Being a resident, a mother of four young children, a property owner, a design-orientated business woman, and a dog owner all within the West End of Fremantle, I believe I am uniquely placed to stand for City Ward Councilor. And, having lived and worked in a number of global urban centres for nearly 20 years, I am also able to bring practical experience to the discussion regarding the creation of a 'liveable' city. Through my family’s involvement with the local junior football club, the surf lifesaving club, other sporting and community clubs, as well as Lance Holt School, I am well connected to all of Fremantle. My aim is to help create a multi-layered, inter-connected city; one not reliant on being a shopping or tourist ‘destination’ - to make our city ‘sustainable’ on all levels. The City Ward needs a Councilor who is not here ‘part-time’ but ‘24/7’. Mobile: 0439 945 435. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

wayman Linda Wayman, former manager at Austereo.

I am a long time resident of Fremantle with my parents born in Fremantle and East Fremantle. I have raised my family in Fremantle near my parents with my children attending Beacy Primary School and playing for Fremantle Hawks. I have worked in media, events, business and government. As the General Manager of two radio stations, mix94.5 and 92.9 and before that head of EventsCorp, I have extensive experience in financial governance, marketing, tourism and community engagement. My focus is on revitalising Fremantle so our city is vibrant and liveable and where we can enjoy raising our families. To preserve Freo’s unique character, I believe in respecting and nurturing its heritage. My business skills plus a deep understanding of what matters to a community will enable me to make a contribution to Fremantle. Moreover, I have the passion and drive to make things happen. I seek your support for election. Email: Social Network Address: facebook/LindaWayman4City [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

East Ward

The election in this ward is to replace departed councillor Dave Coggin, a professional lobbyist who now works for the Premier.

archibald Jenny Archibald, former mayor, former president of the Fremantle Society

Following my time as East Ward Councillor and Mayor of Fremantle, I spent 20 years in business development and capital raising as co-owner of two businesses. I have also held positions as the inaugural Chair of the Fremantle Prison Trust, Chair of the Rottnest Island Authority and Deputy Chair of the Fremantle Press, where I work part-time in administration. I live in East Ward and am a passionate member of the Booyeembara Park Committee. With skills in financial governance, local government and community engagement, I now have the time for, and am committed to, working for our community. As a constructive and proactive member of our Council, my focus will be on sound financial management and best use of ratepayers’ funds, progressive planning, in collaboration with our community, to optimise Fremantle’s future, effective Council services including recycling and waste management, verge mowing, maintenance of parks, and community liaison and support. Postal Address: 9 Taylor St White Gum Valley 6162 [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

cunningham Michelle Cunningham

Hi, I live in White Gum Valley with my family and have done so for nearly 25 years. Even though I know it well, there is always something new to see and experience.
Change is always with us and in common with most people, I would like the change to be positive and the outcome to have only winners and no losers - and not cost the earth! Through skilled negotiation and good communication, this is possible.
I am not backed by any political party or wealthy individual and my independence means I can put local concerns first. I have a diversity of experience, reflecting the diversity of residents and ratepayers. I care about the future and wellbeing of White Gum Valley & Gibson Park and the people who live, work and play here.
Home: 9335 5617
Social Network Address:  Michelle Cunningham & Freo [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]


hammond Catherine Hammond, Fremantle Society, unsuccessful in Beaconsfield ward in 2015

'My Council' placed Fremantle in the bottom third for financial health of any WA council. We were promised rate increases no more than CPI,but already they are much more. I want more people with business experience on Fremantle Council. I am familar with business and think the Port City should be florishing, not languishing, as it has been for the last decade. Businesses are closing down and leaving,including the cruise ships. Selling off many car parks was crazy and it's expensive and difficult to visit Fremantle. Many opting to shop elsewhere. Council should stay clear of Federal and State issues and represent constituents. Councillors are not there to polish particular political aspirations. I want to see the council focus more on Hilton, O'Connor and Samson. Council must handle bulk waste and verges more effectively. I will also work for improvements in law and order, environment and heritage issues. Mobile:  0411 108 877. Email: Social Network Address:  Catherine Hammond 4 Hilton [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

wainwright Sam Wainright, Socialist Alliance

I am an energetic, accessible and responsive councillor - I hope you will support me to continue. We can now improve the Hilton Town Centre, making it safe for pedestrians combined with traffic calming for northern Hilton. We have increased Freo’s tree coverage. In Hilton we need to encourage the preservation and planting of trees on private land, while in Samson we can put in more street trees and create an entry statement on McCombe Ave. Sub-division of the industrial estate has created more small businesses, so the time is right for an O’Connor business forum. We value inclusion and social justice. I am proud of “One Day in Fremantle” and our ambitious targets for the employment of Indigenous people and people with a disability. Our community campaign stopped Roe 8 so now we need to advocate for projects such as Metronet to Fremantle and South St light rail. Mobile: 0412 751 508. Postal Address: 21A Jarvis St, O'Connor 6163. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

North Ward

corbo Michele Corbo

I live in paradise. I consider myself fortunate living in North Ward. I’ve called it home for thirty years. My partner and I have raised our family here; our boys attended North Freo Primary – what are their expectations and opportunities as the next generation? Born, raised and educated in the port city, I know the city provided opportunity for a diverse cultural population to - live in, raise family, prosper, create business, employment, build pride, compassion and a sense of place. I want to be part of a team willing to provide the same opportunities for future generations. My experience includes maritime, resources industry, education with Skillshare, Arts, Industrial Relations & lecturing trade studies at TAFE. I’ve acquired listening, communicating and negotiation ability across a wide socioeconomic spectrum. Campaigned to return 107 bus into our suburb. Concerns: traffic safety, parking. Reduce dependence of individual vehicle use & promote public transport. Mobile: 0447 550 443 [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

thompsonDouglas Thompson is the incumbent.

I have lived in North Ward for forty years and with my family participate in community affairs. My children attended, and now grandchildren, attend North Freo Primary School. I work with community and sporting clubs, was on CBC School Board and am now on North Freo Primary School Council. I am involved in the Local Government Association, chair the Container Deposit Scheme Committee and am Deputy on the Regional Council Waste Council. I know our community and how local government works. I am an experienced Councillor. My focus will be on minimising impacts of the High St redesign, introduction of organics recycling, traffic safety and parking, improved park and street maintenance and Department of Housing issues. I will continue to keep residents informed with a newsletter and doorknock regularly I am experienced, knowledgeable and community oriented. I seek your support for re-election. Postal Address: 69 Thompson Road, North Fremantle North Fremantle 6159. Email: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

South Ward

carter Liam Carter, Green

I’ve lived in South Fremantle my whole life, and I want our City to be an even more vibrant, liveable and sustainable community, where public green space, affordable housing and community services are the priority. My work with Save Freo Beaches, the South Fremantle Precinct and my founding of the Fremantle Youth Advisory Council demonstrate a fresh approach with skills in community engagement. With the South Terrace upgrade about to begin, we need to be shaping our public spaces to create an accessible and connected community where local businesses thrive. I want our neighbourhood to be vibrant, with pedestrian-friendly streets, affordable housing and shared creative spaces, where heritage is protected and the character of South Fremantle is retained. I’m dedicated to our community, and I am committed to being an active and transparent representative. Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you! Mobile: 0449 151 490. Postal Address: 2 Harbour Road South Fremantle 6162. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

moodie Ben Moodie

Firstly I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land, The Whadjuk Nyoongar People. I am a young professional family man working within the human services sector for over 10 years in the areas of employment, justice, disabilities and substance use intervention. My vision is to help Fremantle strengthen its reputation of an inclusive community where diversity is valued. I offer a new, young and innovative perspective in assisting the rejuvenating of Fremantle from a community based level. I will work towards Fremantle being a harmonious place for its residents and support the forward thinking that Fremantle is known for. I strive to assist Fremantle to: strengthen connections with the community; increase business opportunities; sustainable fisheries; preserve beaches and bushland for future generations; explore homelessness intervention options; promote and expand the festival, music and arts scene that Fremantle is world renowned for; assist residents feel safe and valued. Mobile:  0401 230 833. Email: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

suffling Jennifer Suffling

I have lived in Fremantle for most of my life and want to put forward my ideas to attract businesses into the city for example attracting conferences and cultural events. I also want to maintain sporting and aged care facilities. I will also support job creation projects. [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

sullivan Cr Andrew Sullivan, architect/developer

An architect and urban designer - I’ve lived and worked here since 1985. An independent thinker - I’m dedicated to serving our community, including 14 years on Council and leading coastal campaigns at Leighton and Coogee. I’ve created parklands and greenlinks throughout Fremantle and established the South Beach foreshore we love today. A frontline campaigner against Roe8 - I’ll fight for passenger rail heading south and east to help unclog congested streets. Instrumental in delivering the Youth Plaza, expanding our festivals and developing strategies to revitalize our city centre - I’ll focus on improving South Beach facilities, including basketball, and delivering your vision for a safe and vibrant South Terrace where business flourishes. A representative on State planning taskforces and panels - I will use my heritage expertise and progressive planning skills to protect and revitalise the Freo we love. A recognised leader - I’ll get things done for South Ward. Mobile: 0407 447 972. Postal Address: 11 Sydney Street South Fremantle 6162. Email: Social Network Address: [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

vujcic Marija Vujcic

I grew up in White Gum Valley and South Fremantle (still in South Freo) and went to White Gum Valley Primary and John Curtin High School. My great uncles and grandfather came to Fremantle from Croatia looking for a better life. For the past twenty years I have worked in Human resources. As your local and independent candidate, I stand for: Good Governance, Consultation, Representation, Council Services, Security and Safety, Business Investment and Traffic Management. As your real voice in South Ward, I will: Review the South Terrace speed humps before someone gets hurt. Review the Scott Street/Hampton Road changes. Thousands of petitioners have been ignored.Promote the restoration of Australia Day. We all need a say in such nation building issues and not just a few Fremantle Councillors. Mobile:  0408 950 446. Email: Social Network Address:  marijasouthward [Source: 2017 FCC webpage no longer on its site]

Fremantle Herald

This is the Fremantle Herald's account of the field, 16 September 2017.

RA STEWART is a former president of the Fremantle chamber of commerce and is running for mayor.
BRAD PETTITT is the current mayor and has a strong support base in the city.

Beaconsfield Ward (1 vacancy):
FEDELE CAMARDA wants to improve recreational facilities and support local sporting and community clubs.
HANNAH FITZHARDINGE is a sitting councillor who has worked to improve pedestrian safety in the suburb.

South Ward (1 vacancy):
ANDREW SULLIVAN is a sitting councillor who says he will use his heritage expertise and planning skills to protect the city.
MARIJA VUJCIC wants to re-establish Australia Day celebrations on January 26 and to
review the speed humps on South Terrace.
BEN MOODIE will fight to preserve beaches for future generations and look at ways to help the homeless.
JENNIFER SUFFLING wants to attract more businesses into the port city.
LIAM CARTER is on the Fremantle Youth Advisory Committee and wants affordable housing and shared creative spaces.

North Ward (1 vacancy):
DOUG THOMPSON is a sitting councillor who has lived in North Ward for 40 years and will focus on traffic safety and parking.
MICHELE CORBO campaigned to return the 107 bus into the suburb and has lived in North Ward for 30 years.

Hilton Ward (1 vacancy):
SAM WAINWRIGHT is a sitting councillor and an advocate for inclusion and social justice.
CATHERINE HAMMOND wants council to stay clear of federal and state political issues and return to basics.

East Ward (1 vacancy):
JENNY ARCHIBALD is a former Fremantle mayor and she she will focus on sound financial management of the city.
MICHELLE CUNNINGHAM has lived in White Gum Valley for nearly 25 years and promises to be independent.

City Ward (1 vacancy):
ROEL LOOPERS runs a popular blog covering Fremantle issues and attends and reports on most council meetings and events.
LINDA WAYMAN is [was] the general manager of two radio stations and wants to revitalise Fremantle so it is vibrant and liveable.
JULIE MORGAN is looking to create a multi-layered, inter-connected city not reliant on shopping or tourism.
CLAUDIA GREEN promises to be 100 per cent independent and get the city’s finances back under control.
ADIN LANG is a small business owner who wants to create programs to promote local businesses and attract visitors to the city.

References and Links

Official results for 2017.

FCC webpage from which much of the above information came, but is no longer on its site.

Fremantle Herald, 16 September 2017

'Your Town. Your Issues?', Fremantle Society

'B RA D', Fremantle Society

My tips re winners: Pettitt, Fitzhardinge, Sullivan, Thompson, Wainwright, Archibald, Wayman. My result: I got one wrong - Wayman came a close second, after Lang: 562/494. - but she now works for the City instead!

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