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Fremantle City Council

First City Councillors, 1929. Members and officers of the FCC, 3 June 1929, when Fremantle was declared a city. Back from left: Dr C.R. Dunkley; Cr E.M. Davies; James Shepherd (Town Clerk); Richard Rennie; Fred Hollis; T.J. Smith; W. Joslin. Front: F.W. Martin; C.D. Kerr; George Shepherd; J. Stevens; F.E. Gibson (Mayor); Cr W.J. Sumpton; Cr J.E. Wilson; Cr A. Grigg

Fremantle City Council from October 2019: Geoff Graham, Marija Vujcic, Doug Thompson, Frank Mofflin, Jenny Archibald, Bryn Jones, Su Groome, Brad Pettitt (Mayor), Hannah Fitzhardinge, Sam Wainwright, Rachel Pemberton, Adin Lang, Andrew Sullivan (Deputy Mayor)

Fremantle City Council from October 2017: Dave Hume, Hannah Fitzhardinge, Bryn Jones, Rachel Pemberton, Sam Wainwright, Ingrid Waltham, Andrew Sullivan, Brad Pettitt (Mayor), Jon Strachan, Jenny Archibald, Adin Lang, Doug Thompson, Jeff McDonald


Fremantle City Council from October 2015: Jeff McDonald, Sam Wainwright, Josh Wilson, Ingrid Waltham, Dave Hume, Bryn Jones, Brad Pettitt (Mayor), Jon Strachan, Andrew Sullivan, Rachel Pemberton, Simon Naber, Dave Coggin, Doug Thompson

After the 2015 photo was taken, Josh Wilson resigned and was elected MHR for Fremantle. Dave Coggin resigned and went to work for the premier. Ingrid Waltham was elected Deputy Mayor. There was an election for the Beaconsfield vacancy 16 September 2016, and Hannah Fitzhardinge was elected. There was another election for the mayor and six councillors October 2017 (see above).

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