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The day of the club with its own clubhouse is over. Most of the clubs shown above no longer exist, or no longer have their own buildings.

The first Fremantle Club (at 1 Henry Street) was the first to go, in 1912. The German Club was closed by the First World War, in 1914. Caledonian Hall was no longer used by the Caledonian Society after the 1930s. The Commercial Club (first set up for the Commercial Travellers Association in 1912) closed due to a lack of members in 1991.

The second Fremantle Club, in Bannister Street, closed in 2008. It had been a hotel before, and is a hotel again now (the Hougoumont). The Wyola Club was wound up in 2016, as it had 'no assets' - tho the building (built for Hicks & Co in 1903) still exists, and the first floor facade is intact. Deckchair and Harbour Theatres never had their own buildings.

The Fly by Night Musicians Club had its own building (the former drill hall) for over twenty-five years 1986-2015, when they lost the lease. So the Fly by Night 'Club' no longer has a clubhouse, and if it hasn't ceased to exist when you read this, it probably soon will. It is or was operating in the Victoria Hall, but struggling. Also, the Victoria Hall was offered for sale.

The Bowling Club building is being demolished mid-July 2019, and the Tennis Club building will soon follow.

That leaves the Buffalo Club which certainly looks to be in poor condition. And the Navy Club, which hasn't had its own building since 1993, and only has the third and fourth (!) levels of a commercial building at 64 High Street.

The Italian Club has been in glorious isolation in its own premises, but I believe it's possible the Portuguese Club may be moving in to share the building in Marine Terrace, as it has sold its building in Beaconsfield because not enough members were using it to keep it sustainable. It was also possible in 2017 that they (the Portuguese) might have moved into the St John's Ambulance building in Parry Street.

The Rowing Club probably has a boathouse on the river in East Fremantle. Football clubs are businesses.

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