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Don Whittington

don door

President of the Management Committee of the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club, Donald Whittington was awarded Life Membership of the Club at the AGM 26 October 2013. Don Whittington He was the principal agent in the rebirth of the Club in January 2012. He was a finalist in the category of Volunteer Club Legend at the ClubsWA Awards Ceremony, at The Astral, Crown, Sunday 14 April 2013.

The historic Workers Club, founded in 1914, would no longer exist if it wasn't for Don's initiative and leadership. The Club closed in May 2011 because it was not profitable and the members were led to believe there was no option but to wind up the association and sell the Club building to pay creditors. Don was overseas when a general meeting of members voted to wind up the Club. He returned in time for a second meeting of members in September 2011. The purpose of the meeting was to secure the agreement of the membership to appoint administrators, wind up the organization and sell the building. Don Tram Tour Don stood up at this meeting before the vote was taken and suggested it needed to be discussed first. He persuaded the members that there were alternatives to winding up the Club.

Also a former Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, and a Life Member of the Fremantle Society, Don has become a well-known public face in recent times for his Historical Tram Tours and Cemetery Tours.

May Day 2012

Don on the MayDay March 5 May 2013. Next to him is VP Micheal Bell, holding the banner.


Don on Ruth's birthday 10 August 2014.
Thanks to Humans of Fremantle for the photo.

ruth n don

Ruth and Don 6 August 2016, just before another of Ruth's birthdays.

Don 64 cake

Don cutting his birthday cake Friday 31 May 2013

Don 64

Don probably singing 'When I'm 64', with Bernard Carney left and John Reed right.

Don, with photo of Club foundation member Billy Clare, conducting the Fremantle Heritage Festival Club Crawl 31 May 2013

Don/Tom Edwards

Don at the grave of Tom Edwards during the 2014 Heritage Festival Cemetery Tour

Don/Martha Rendell

Don with an actress playing Martha Rendell during the 2014 Heritage Festival Cemetery Tour


Don watching an actor speaking as Moondyne Joe on his gravestone during the 2014 Heritage Festival Cemetery Tour

don moondyne

Don at the same grave during the 2016 Heritage Festival Cemetery Tour. In 2016, an actor represented Henry Vincent and then CY O'Connor, as there was a Rottnest theme.

A series of photos taken by Bob Sommerville of the award of Don's Life Membership medal on Sunday 1 June. The other recipient is Keith North, a former President. The man pinning the medal on Don is Vice President Micheal Bell. Committee member Reg Gordon may be seen behind Micheal.

don markets

Don in a previous life at his Markets stall in 1979, with his elder son Evan also behind the counter. This is Fremantle Library photo #1523F and has the following caption.

Mavis Wright, in period costume for the 150th anniversary celebrations, at the Culpepers stall in the Fremantle Markets.

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