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1936: Further Renovations Opened


Extension to Workers' Club.

A new social hall attached to the Fremantle Workers' Social and Leisure Club was opened on Monday night, the occasion being celebrated by a smoke social, which was attended by several hundred members and friends. Measuring 77 feet by 100 feet, the hall is on the first floor of the club's building in Henry-street and part of the new hall was formerly a billiard room. With a stage at one end, the hall will be used for social purposes by members, their wives and children, and for occasional lectures.
"We have the satisfaction of some thing attempted, something done," said the president of the club (Mr. G. Edinger) in declaring the building open.
"Within the past four years about £5,000 has been spent by the committee of management in additions and improvements to the property, and nearly £2,000 of this has been devoted to the erection and furnishing of this beautiful and spacious hall). Those here will agree that it is bound to become a sound investment. As the years roll by members will meet here together and on special occasions the hall will be used for concerts, dances and occasional lectures."
The aim of the club, continued Mr. Edinger, was not only to provide for the comfort of its members, but that the club should become the most exemplary not only in Fremantle, but in the whole of the Commonwealth. The library, containing over 5,000 volumes, was one of the most valuable assets and was greatly appreciated by members and their families.
The toast of "Parliament" proposed by the vice-president of the club (Mr. G. Andrew), was acknowledged by Mr. J. T. Tonkin, M.L.A. As well as the loyal toast, other toasts honoured were "The City of Fremantle" and "Kindred Clubs." The speeches were interspersed with musical items contributed by Messrs. Don Greenwood, Allan Stapleton, W. Smith, R. Russell, M. Ward and Harrison, ten minutes of magic, a humorous monologue by Mr. Percy Lester, and orchestral numbers by Jack Nice's band.

The West Australian [Perth], Wednesday 25 November 1936: 3


There was a representative gathering on Monday night at the opening of the new Social Hall at the Fremantle Workers' Social and Welfare Club. An enjoyable evening was spent, the toasts list being interspersed with entertaining musical numbers.
In his introductory remarks the president (Mr. G. Edinger) pointed out that during the past four years the committee of management had applied £5000 to additions and improvements to the club. The provisions and furnishings of the new social hall had cost about £2000, but nevertheless it was considered a sound investment.
The club had progressed in recent years and the outlook was bright for the future, for it was the policy of the executive to utilise its funds for the betterment of facilities for members.
The club library, containing 5000 volumes, was a most valuable and cherished asset.

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