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Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre

From February 2020 the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre accommodates the Tennis, Bowls, and Workers Clubs in a new building on Ellen Street on land which was formerly a bowling green.

The FPSCC is governed by a nine-person management committee comprising three members from each of the founding clubs.

The current committee is:
Chair: Matthew Ngui (Bowling Club)
Deputy: Steve Hannah (Workers Club)
Secretary: Paul Mepham (Tennis Club)
Treasurer: Keith Bowden (Bowling Club)
Phil Bayley (Tennis Club)
Ellis Griffiths (Workers Club)
Vivienne McKellar (Tennis Club)
Geoff Paganoni (Bowling Club)
Don Whittington (Workers Club)
The members of the management committee are nominated by the management committees of the three clubs, and these nominations are endorsed at the annual general meeting of the FPSCC.

The building was closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The building was officially 'opened' by the mayor on Monday 12 October 2020. Only the Centre board members were present, plus a couple of random politicians.

The foundation management committee was: Laurie Apps (chair), Don Whittington (deputy chair), Matthew Ngui (secretary), Keith Bowden (treasurer), Phil Bayley, Ellis Griffiths, Tricia Hille, Geoff Paganoni, Gillian Street

Photo taken 2 April 2019 of some of the planners, before the building was opened: Adin Lang (FCC), Don Whittington, Micheal Bell, Laurence Apps, Keith Bowden, Tricia Hille, Matthew Ngui, Brad Pettitt (mayor).

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