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Wesley Church

1889, corner of Cantonment and Market Streets

The first church building on the corner of Market and Cantonment Streets was on land allocated by the Government to a Wesleyan community led by the Rev John Smithies, who had arrived in the Colony in 1840. The chapel was opened the next year. The building was replaced by the present building in 1889. It is used for services 0930 Sundays.

The Battye Library's photo shows the Wesley Hall which incorporated the 1841 chapel, and, even further to the right, the Wesleyan manse of 1893.

wesley hall

Library: Wesley Hall, incorporating the 1841 Chapel [from Jenkins]. Governor Hutt laid the Foundation stone in September 1840 and the Chapel was extended in 1882. Wesley Church was completed in December 1889. The stone wall surround was removed in 1928. Taken before 1928. Text and photograph #1635 from Fremantle Library.

The 1841 Chapel was the first Christian church in Fremantle (Strong). Errington writes that the Chapel was opened on 24 May 1842 (147). The chapel is the central building in the photo; the additions on either side are classrooms built in 1896. The extant church is to be seen on the left of the photo.

wesley chapel

A poor photo (mine) of a photo hanging on a wall. I'll try to get a better one. The 1889 Wesley Church is just left of centre, with the 1841 Chapel on the right.
On the left is the 1897 three-story Princess Chambers building. At this time the building at the left on the corner of Market and Leake Streets is of one storey only. The two-storey replacement was built in 1912, so this photo is from before that date.
The Wesley Church is concealing most of the WA Chambers building and the 1907 (current) post office.

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