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Scots Church

90 South Terrace, cnr Norfolk St, 1897, designed by Talbot Hobbs, on Town Lot 1360, where previously there was a semi-detached cottage (built shortly after 1850) for Sappers families


Photograph, courtesy of the artist, of a painting by Toby Leek.

[In 1885] Scots Church was established in Fremantle. The services were conducted by a lay preacher until the first settled minister, the Rev. Robert Hanlin, arrived. Mr. Hanlin held his first service in the Oddfellow's Hall on October 17, 1887, and faithfully served his church for 35 years, when failing health compelled him to retire. scotsDuring his long and fruitful pastorate he won the respect and esteem of all sections of the community and his strenuous work on behalf of his church will long be remembered by those who were associated with him. Hitchcock: 67.

Hanlin Way, Samson, is named after Rev. Hanlin.
A cottage behind the church was removed for the Parry St extension.

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Photo by Trevor Bunning, 2009 >

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