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The Alma Street Cemetery served Fremantle from 1831-1855. Fremantle Primary School now occupies the city block bounded by what are now Alma, Brennan, Stevens, and Attfield Streets.

Alma St map

The first recognised cemetery, the old burying ground in Alma Street, was opened in 1831, and was in use for over twenty years. After the opening of a cemetery in Skinner Street, the only interments permitted in Alma Street were those of persons who had near relatives buried there. Hitchcock: 22.

The site that the school in Alma Street now occupies was the original Fremantle Cemetery and then the council rubbish tip - I remember the debris from a fire at the merchants Wood & Sons being dumped there. Lewis: 16.

We played on the old tip site up the top of Little Howard Street, on Alma Street. ... They just ploughed in all the old cemetery headstones and iron railings when they closed the cemetery and turned it into a tip. in 1929 they came along and dug it all up. I remember there were lots and lots of little hills made by this. Then they took away all the stones and railings [56] in the dray and carted them to Stevens Street and buried everything at the east side of the Stevens Steet cricket reserve. They then turned the tip into a park. Morgan: 55-56.

Morrell stone

The earliest headstone recorded at Fremantle Cemetery is that of Mary Ann Morrell (1789-1832) at Anglican AA 1669. She died on 8 October 1832 and was buried in Alma Street Cemetery. Her remains were exhumed at the family's request on 20 October 1915 and re-interred at Fremantle Cemetery. It is thought that hers was the first grave to be marked by a headstone.

The first grave to be marked by a headstone in Alma Street appeared to have been that of Mrs. Mary Ann Morrell, the wife of John Morrell, who died on October 8, 1832.Hitchcock: 22.

A Heritage Garden marks the existence of the Cemetery which preceded the transfer of the 1904 South Terrace School (now Fremantle Primary School) to this site in 1961.

These are the seven headstones which were given by the Cemeteries Board for the Alma St Heritage Garden. Click on any image to see it in larger size.

PhineasFish George Hodges John Hogan Catharine Nelson Alice Wray Henry Wray Mary Henderson

FPS Park sign


This is the photo which has been cropped and put on the sign above. It is Fremantle Library image #3743, c. 1930, with this caption: Jessie Thompson and her mother walking across the old Alma Street cemetery site, now South Terrace Primary School. The Fremantle Hospital nurses quarters (the Balding Nurses Home) demolished in 1999, are in the right background.

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