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Wine Mine

28 Thompson Road North Fremantle, 1890, corner of White Street
This became the Left Field Wine Store in 2018, but is now trading as the Wise Child Wine Store.


Nothing lasts forever, and what was the Wine Mine all of my adult life is now the Left Field Wine Store [update: now Wise Child]. I wish I'd taken my own photo of it instead of using these from Google Maps. It's too late now.




Heritage Council Assessment (notes by City of Fremantle)

Thompson Road was named for George Thompson (1838-1874), Fremantle's first town clerk (1871-73). The street is mainly residential, with some commercial development at the northern end between Alfred Road and McCabe Road. The majority of the houses were built c. 1900. Only a few lots on the street remained vacant in the 1920s.
Shop & House, 28 Thompson Road was built at some time between c. 1890 and 1907, when John Waters was recorded as running a shop from the brick house and shop. In 1922, the title passed to Charles West. He took up residence at the place, and remained there until at least 1928, when it was sold to Matthew H. Date. The property was again sold in 1932/33, this time to Mary Quinn. By the following year, George Thomas Martin had acquired the title, and he lived at 28 Thompson Road until at least 1949. He ran a grocery shop from the place.
A 1939 diagram shows a shop to the corner of White Street and Thompson Road, with a half length front verandah. The rear yard appears to extend down White Street (encompassing No. 13 White Street), comprising a mix of lawned and paved areas. The area appears to have been shared with the house at 11 White Street.
After 1955, O.I. Burrowes and G.E. Gladwin Grove were joint owners of the place. O.I. Burrowes then became Olive Irene McCann and entered into joint ownership of the place with Richard and Anne M. McCann. They owned 28 Thompson Road until July 1960, upon which time it was sold to Horace Wood, who held the place as a rental property. Until 1964, Wood let 28 Thompson Road to Ernest Rose. From 1974 on, the building was jointly owned by Hector and Ernest Wood and Jean May Falls. In 2003/04, Hector Thomas Wood was listed as the sole owner and occupier of the place.
This place was included in the 'North Fremantle Heritage Study' (1994) as a place contributing to the development and heritage of North Fremantle. It was also included in the list of heritage places in the City of Fremantle identified by the Fremantle Society (1979/80) - BROWN - significant for making a positive contribution to the built environment of Fremantle.
Single storey stone, brick and iron commercial building constructed in 1890. The building is a corner shop with the entry at 45 degrees to the street corner. Walls are painted and rendered limestone and brick. Roof is hipped corrugated iron with no eaves behind a parapet wall running along both street frontages. There is a wall hung metal awning verandah also running along both street frontages. There are additions to both sides of the building. The building is constructed on the front and side boundary line with no set back.
Shop & House, 28 Thompson Road, is a typical corner shop constructed of stone, brick and iron dating from the 1890s. The place has aesthetic value for its contribution to the streetscape and the surrounding area. It is representative of the typical building stock located within the residential areas of North Fremantle. Historically significant as a representation of a corner shop in the North Fremantle area.
Medium degree of integrity (original intent clear, current use compatible, high long term sustainability, some alterations).
Medium degree of authenticity with some loss of original fabric.
(These statements based on street survey only). [end]

I've been informed by a family member that the Quinns, John and Mary, bought a gallon licence at these premises when they somehow lost the licence of the Rose Hotel, at the point when it was being transferred from the older building in John Street to the new one in what is now Stirling Highway, which was in 1928. According this informant, the Quinns left here in 1931 - which conflicts with the Heritage Council's dates (see above).

Advertisement from the 1970s:

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