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Welbourne House

Welbourne House, at 43 Market Street Guildford (Lot 14), is an example of a house built later in the Colonial era. John Welbourne was a prominent citizen of Guildford who built many of the town’s early homes and civic buildings. He built this simple cottage in 1843. It features handmade bricks and original joinery. This solid construction is still very much intact.
In the early 1850s, the property was leased by the Benedictine monks of New Norcia. By 1853 Anglican parish chaplain William Dacras Williams lived in the house, while conducting Guildford Government School in buildings at the rear of the property.
Welbourne sold his business and property to John Wood in 1877. School inspector Stephen Gardiner lived here from 1892. The Gardiner family remained at the property until 1925. The house is currently being lovingly restored. It is a significantly historic home in Guildford, and a fine example of Colonial architecture.
Andrew Minogue
President: Swan Guildford Historical Society

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Text and photo ourtesy of Andrew Minogue, Swan Guildford Historical Society

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