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Warders Cottages North

Henderson St, 1898-1971

There were warders cottages on both sides of Henderson Street. The building on the north side of the street was demolished in 1971 in favour of ... a carpark building.

Both these photos were taken in 1971, just before the demolition of both the Salvation Army Citadel and the warders cottages - the building near the centre of the top photo with the impressive pediment.


Corner of William and Henderson Streets. The Salvation Army Citadel was built in 1898, ... destroyed by fire in 1969 and demolished in September/October 1971. The site is now occupied by the Henderson Street parking station. Two storey Warders Quarters in Henderson Street, built 1898, demolished for the parking station in September 1971. ... Text and 1971 photo #183 from the Fremantle Library Local History Collection.

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Fremantle Library Local History Collection

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