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124 Beach St, aka 6 Riverside Road


The northern or river side.

Wanaka was a twenty room mansion near the corner of East Street and Canning Road. The main entrance was from East Street. From 1913 to 1922/23 it was the home of the Murray family. The property was originally built in the 1890s for the Hon Matthew Louis [Lewis] Moss, Mayor of East Fremantle and MLA and MLC. Moss was born in New Zealand. FHC text and c. 1920s photo #4249.


The western or East St side: the stairs leading to the entrance are visible.

Wanaka was a twenty room mansion on the riverside at East Fremantle, near the junction of Beach and East Streets. Wanaka was built in the 1890s for the Honourable Matthew Louis [Lewis] Moss, East Fremantle's first Mayor. It was demolished in 1979. Fremantle Library text and c. 1920 photo #3532.

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