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Tolley Bond Store

1 Pakenham St, 1897

tolley bond store

The helpful sign transcribed below may be seen to the left of the main entrance, above.

Tolley & Co. - Bond Store
This building, erected in 1897, is the original bond store for Tolley & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants. It is currently used as offices and private residence.
Tolley & Co. occupied the building until 1910, sending travellers throughout the state, selling mainly to hotels. The head office, which sadly is no longer a complete building, was two doors to your left.
This frontage is restored close to original condition with the historical signage of Tolley & Co. reinstated above the alleyway, to your right. Notice the abbreviation of the word COMPANY finishing with a small Y over a full stop. This unusual form occurred because the letters, even when curved upwards, simply did not fit.



It is believed that this was built for the wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Tolley & Co. in c. 1901. At that time the firm’s headquarters was in a nearby building, the facade only of which survives at No. 5. The building has an unusual timber-planked basement floor, the possible removal of which was under debate in 2005. Hutchison.

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