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Duplex Pair 14-16 Nairn Street


Duplex, 14-16 Nairn Street: Lot 446 was the property of the Higham family from 1873 to c. 1880. The six-roomed terrace houses replaced earlier dwellings in 1890-91. By c. 1906 the property belonged to Arthur Davies and Frederick Jones.
Restored in 1983, with additions to No. 16 in 1987 by Carl Payne Architect.
Currently (2002), residential use.
Duplex, 14-16 Nairn Street is a two storey rendered pair of houses with verandahs and decorative parapet with a segmental pediment. The verandah has a corrugated iron roof supported by columns with cast iron lacework brackets, fringe and balustrade on the first floor. The tall arched windows are recessed and double sash.
The place has aesthetic and historic significance as a rare example of residential development in the Old Port City area of Fremantle dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The place is of social significance as evidenced by its classification by the National Trust. Heritage Council.

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