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The Swan's Nest

38 Amherst Street Fremantle

What was once McCarthy's Engineering (among other things) is in 2021 The Swan's Nest, the warehouse and headquarters of Blazing Swan Inc., which stages "a week-long arts event held in Western Australia each year at Jilakin Rock City, a temporary city erected at Jilakin Rock lake, by the home of the Kulin Bush racetrack near the town of Kulin. The event is held around late summer over the Easter long weekend and was inspired by the Burning Man event held each year in the Black Rock Desert in the USA." In 2021, the event ran Friday 2-Monday 5 April, over the Easter weekend. In 2022, Easter is Friday 15 April to Monday 18 April.

This building is one of those on the industrial location almost contained by Amherst, Knutsford, Montreal and Stack Streets. (There is a bit more on the western side of Amherst Street.) It is starting to change from industrial to medium density housing. In the meantime, some buildings have changed from industrial to other purposes, such as arts and hospitality.

References and Links

Blazing Swan website.

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