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South Beach Kiosk

9 Ocean Road South Fremantle; completed 1953-1965, architect tba

The building has a roof similar to the one on the single-storey section of the Fremantle Port Authority building, Hobbs, Winning & Leighton 1962/3. Did they also design the Kiosk? If not, the contractor may have got the same manufacturer to make something similar.
Fremantle Ports website says this about the roof: "Ground floor roof: This roof is the first known one of its type in Australia. It is a folded roof pattern of pre-stressed concrete units in two spans each of 20 metres."
It's possible that the builder of the Kiosk saw the FPA building roof in 1964 and thought of using the same concept. If so, it dates the Kiosk at 1965.

Australasian Leisure:
19 July 2021
Following an allocation of funds from the City of Fremantle’s 2021-22 annual budget, Fremantle beaches will see an improvement to their facilities with new changerooms and toilets at South Beach being just one of the projects.
The budget, adopted by Fremantle Council last month, included an allocation of $150,000 to initiate the design of the new changerooms, while a further $120,000 has been set aside to provide temporary toilets while the new facilities are under construction.
Fremantle Deputy Mayor Andrew Sullivan said the improvements to facilities at Fremantle’s beaches were an investment in some of the City’s most important assets advising “this year’s budget has a focus on investing in upgrading and maintaining the community facilities that our residents and ratepayers use every day.
“Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic upgrades at Leighton and Bathers Beach, but some of the facilities at our other beaches are looking a little tired.
“The sports court at South Beach has been a great addition which has only increased the popularity of the beach among people of all ages, so now is the right time to go ahead with replacing the old toilets and changerooms.
“It’s something the local community has been seeking for a while, and I’m sure the new facilities will be welcomed by everyone who loves South Beach.”
Other budget allocations for improvements at South Beach include $25,000 to install new solar lighting in the car park.
A further $10,000 has been allocated to works to slow traffic and improve road safety at Leighton Beach, while $100,000 will go towards refurbishing the public toilets and expanding parking at Port Beach.
The City is also working with Fremantle Ports and the Department of Transport to progress the Port Beach sand nourishment project using $3.25 million in state government funding.
Image: Fremantle South Beach Kiosk and toilets courtesy City of Fremantle

Murray Edmonds 1970s (cropped) photo of South Beach Kiosk and toilets, courtesy of Fremantle City Library #ES00276, thanks to Andrew Sullivan.

References and Links

South Beach Kiosk webpage

Fremantle Ports website, the history page of which includes a link to the pdf of a booklet called 50 Years Administration Building.

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