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Daniel Scott's warehouse

Daniel Scott's warehousing was pressed into service after 1 June 1850, when the first convicts arrived on the Scindian and there was nowhere to house them. Where it stood is now the premises of the Esplanade Hotel, on Marine Terrace from Norfolk to Essex Streets.

scott warehouse

Fremantle Library:
Photo 1962 Fremantle Library Local History Collection #1222B: Marine Terrace frontage of the workshops or former convict barracks of the Daniel Scott premises. View looking north-west towards the Esplanade Hotel. Note the hotel’s cupola or ornate turret. Photograph taken December 1962.

As no preparation had been made for the reception of the convicts, the first batches were quartered in premises rented from Captain Daniel Scott, fronting Marine Terrace, Collie Street and Essex Street, extending half-way-up to Essex-lane. The only part now [1929] remaining is used as a warehouse and extends from the Esplanade Hotel to Essex-street.
That temporary prison reverted to Captain Scott when the convicts were transferred to the new prison erected by themselves on the hill. The numerous outbuildings at the rear of the main building were then converted into tenements which, in the course of time, degenerated into mere hovels and what was known as the Old Establishment Yard became the slum quarters of Fremantle in the [18-]sixties and seventies, the tenants being mostly ticket-of-leave men and their consorts, the demimonde always to be found in a seaport town. Hitchcock: 34.

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