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Samson Building

1892, 31 Cliff St, 1919, Hobbs design

Samson Building, 1892, 31 Cliff St, designed by J.J. Talbot Hobbs, offices of possibly the oldest family-held business in Australia, with over 185 years of continuous trading, the company having been founded at the settlement of the colony in 1829, as the date on the building's pediment proclaims.

To the left, 'Fanny Samson's Cottage' is a remnant of former buildings on the site, and includes the family dwelling. To the right is the remnant facade of the Liebler building.

samson warehouse

FHC image #1436, c1895. The original warehouse in Cliff Street was burnt down in 1895 and replaced in 1898. Fanny Samson's cottage is to the left. Horse and cart and four employees in front of the building.


Interior of a room in 'Fanny Samson's Cottage' now serving as a museum.

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