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Railway House

Railway House may have been the name of a lodging house at 24 Short Street c. 1916. Elizabeth Hughes died here in 1917. She was the wife of William Hughes, 'coffee stall proprietor, Fremantle, and formerly of the Loco. Department, W.A. Government Railways, Midland Junction' (Daily News).


It is possible that the two-storey stone house in the centre is at what was then 24 Short St, and is therefore the building known in the 1910s as Railway House. Photo from Battye (26778P) from page 100 of John Dowson's Old Fremantle (2003), with his permission.


Short St sewerage map, showing 24 on the northern side (courtesy Fremantle library)

References and Links

Personal communication from Vicky Hughes, descendant of the owners.

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Postal Directory for 1916, showing 24 Short St as the residence of W. Hughes.

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