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Atwell Buildings, High Street, 1898-1990s

SLWA, Nixon photo, 1929, of what is now the High Street Mall with Manning buildings on the left, Pellews and Culleys on the right, and the National Hotel in the middle distance, library call no. 007103D. (Click/tap.) Nixon was only fifty metres away from his studio in William Street.

The Cantonment Street facade of the Atwell building, featuring Pellews, c. 1930?
Antonino Acciano in Facebook (thanks): "Looks like a 1927/1928 Ford Model AR Dickey Seat Roadster (rare now, if it is). Considered well-built. May be one of the first produced. May be the oldest Model A. To be in Australia when the photo was taken makes the year around 1929-31, I think."
If we could read the numberplate, and if we had the reference book you could look up numberplates in, in the early days of motoring, we could learn who the owner was.

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Atwell Buildings.

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