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Parkside Newsagent building
26-28 Adelaide Street

26-28 Adelaide St


Heritage Council entry

Adelaide St is one of the earliest streets of Fremantle, appearing in the 1833 survey. It is named for Queen Adelaide, consort of William IV.
In 1880 a dwelling house was present on the lot belonging to John Joseph Clarke, a carpenter. On a lot 332 a dwelling house was owned and occupied by DB Francisco. In 1889 on lot 331 there were two shops and a house. One shop was owned by a butcher, John Lannetty and the other shop and house were owned by Richard W Woods. On lot 332 there was a house owned by DB Francisco. By 1889 lot 331 consisted of two lots of shops and rooms and one dwelling. Lot 332 had five offices, two shops an rooms, two offices and warehouses, one dwelling and surgery and one lot of counselling rooms. It appears that there is some confusion of the lots as originally lot 332 is owned by DB Francisco and later lot 331 is owned by his widow. By 1940/41 number 24 is owned by Eliza Loxton, number 26-28 is owned by Jane Edna, number 30-32 is owned by Freecorns Ltd and number 34/36 is owned by Charlie Carters Ltd.
Physical Description
Two storey rendered and parapeted roofed building which has decorative stucco frieze between engaged pilasters. The gound floor windows and awnings are not original.Woodson's aracade is situated on the north side of the building.
Statement of Significance
The place is a modest example of a commercial building dating from the first decades of the twentieth century that forms part of a group of similar places and makes a contribution to the Fremantle Town Centre streetscape.

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