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New Buildings

These lists distinguish between entirely new buildings - and new constructions built inside or in association with older structures, usually facades. (Lists are mostly limited to the West End.)

Entirely new buildings

The Maritime Museum, 2002, on the western end of Victoria Quay, was designed by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland.

Murray Slavin designed the MSC building in Cliff St, 2016 - adjacent to the Dalgety building, cnr Phillimore Street. It is part of and entrance to the whole MSC - which also owns and inhabits the Dalgety building.

Tannock Hall of Education (named for the first VC, Peter Tannock) is a 2010 NDU building on the corner of Cliff and Croke Streets. It was designed by Marcus Collins and built by Fairweather W & Son. The Pier Hotel once stood here.

St Teresa's Library. Modern NDU building in Henry St.

NDU Health Sciences Research building, cnr Phillimore and Henry Streets. Designed by Marcus Collins.

Defence housing, Liv Apartments, 51 Queen Victoria Street, 32 Quarry Street, 2018: 166 apartments, 1300sqm commercial space

Apartments in Quarry Street, 11 QV Street

New buildings in association with existing facades

The new Atwell Arcade building, which is inside and above the older Atwell Building that faces both High St (Mall) and Cantonment St, still has an arcade, but it's almost all modern. The original arcade was designed by Harold Boas. The new building is a glass box in a conventional Mies style.

The Lysaght/Halco building on the corner of Short Street at 8 Pakenham St was a warehouse constructed in 1929. (It was also the site of Manning's Folly 1858-1928.) The 77-room Quest Apartments building is now on the site, and the building you see in the photo has been gutted. The warehouse was designed by Joseph Allen.

The Fremantle Workers Club was at 7-9 Henry St 1956-2015. The site is now a four-storey apartment building, keeping the groundfloor facade, which is one brick deep.

Customs House, at the corner of Phillimore St, no. 2 Henry Strret, still has the curved facade of the Falk Building, though the interior - and that of several other buildings on a large site bounded by (but not entirely occupying) Phillimore, Henry, and Pakenham Streets - was completely rebuilt for the occupation of various commonwealth government departments. At least this part of the building (if not all of 'it') is apparently now called Customs House, as that's what the sign on the building says. It is now the property of Notre Dame University.

The next bit of Customs House, along Henry St, with the older facade.

Bathers Beach House is based on the Fisherman Cooperative building, Mews Road, Bathers Beach/Manjaree.

The Dalgety woolstores are now Heirloom ('by Match') apartments, Beach Street.

Hougoumont Hotel, Bannister Street, was formerly Fremantle Club [2].

Pakenham Apartments, cnr Pakenham and Nairn Streets was a commercial building.

The former Brush Factory, Duke Street, East Fremantle is now hospitality and dwellings.

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