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Naval Store

Canning Highway; the Heritage Council gives the address as 141 Queen Victoria Street

This ugly shed has been the entrance to Fremantle statement greeting people coming over the traffic bridge since 1935. It was made even worse when someone painted an octopus on it a few years ago. The new bridge planned for 2022-ish will still land with it in plain view, just a bit further to the viewer's right. Unfortunately, it's seen as 'heritage'.

Enkel Collective manages the use of the building.

In November 2021 it is being used as part of the Fremantle Biennale 2021.

A plaque on the building says this:
Constructed in the mid 1930s, this steel frame, rendered brick-walled building is an example of the Inter-War Functionalist architectural style and is dissimilar to all other Barracks structures.
It was leased to the Navy from the Army from its construction up until 1980.
It is a landmark building set against limestone cliffs of Cantonment Hill, denoting the entry to Fremantle at the Fremantle Traffic Bridge intersection of Queen Victoria Street, and Canning and Stirling Highways.

There is a crest on the eastern end of the building with the text NON SIBI SED PATRIAE, meaning 'not for self, but for homeland'.

Heritage Council:
Naval Stores, 57 Canning Highway is part of the Artillery Barracks and Fremantle Harbour Signal Station (fmr), a HCWA Registered Place. It is a two storey masonry building with second floor timber framed windows and a rendered parapet hiding the roof line. There are two-storey height entrance doors at each end of the street elevation. The end roof line is a gable shaped parapet.
Refer to HCWA's Assessment Documentation of Places for Entry in the Register of Heritage Places for ARTILLERY BARRACKS & FREMANTLE HARBOUR SIGNAL STATION (FMR).
This site comprises: the Naval Store, the Tuckfield Street Open Space, the 9 married officer's quarters (Queen Victoria Street), the married officer's quarters (cnr of Burt and Queen Victoria Streets), Gun House, Rifle Cottage, Fremantle Harbour Trust signal station, artillery officer's mess, officer's mess, storage, garage/storage, museum (master gunner's store), museum administration (quarter master's store), orderly room, guard room, lecture rooms, quarter master's store/gymnasium, university regiment/army museum barracks, gymnasium/store, and timber racks.

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