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Carmel Mullally's house

(Eileen) Carmel Mullally's weatherboard cottage at 28 Bayly Street North Fremantle was the last house to remain when the north shore of Fremantle Harbour was developed for containerised shipping. It was bought by Fremantle Ports in 2021 when her family at last offered to sell it to them. Fremantle Ports say the house will continue to exist, but not on its present site. Mrs Mullally died 11 February 2022, aged 89 (Forma & MacGill; FHS).

Ironically, the area on the other (north) side of Tydeman Road is now set for redevelopment as housing. See North Industrial Area.

Photo courtesy Fremantle City Library

Photo courtesy Fremantle City Library

References and Links

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Cr Andrew Sullivan spoke about Mrs Mullally and her house at the meeting of the Fremantle City Council, Wedneday 23 February 2022, in the context of closing Bayly Road - which was agreed to by the Council. The meeting was streamed live, so a recording is probably available online.

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